About Us

The Dairy Industry Promotion Board has been in existence since its enactment by Louisiana Legislative Act in 1983. The Legislature declared the dairy industry to be a paramount agricultural industry affecting the health and welfare of the citizens of the state. Therefore, they decided by legislative intent and policy to assist dairy producers and others in the dairy industry to more effectively promote the consumption of Louisiana milk and other Louisiana products in order to assure a sufficient quantity of such products for Louisiana consumers.

The Dairy Industry Promotion Board is housed within the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry and consists of nine members. Eight members are appointed by the Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry, and the ninth member of the board is the Commissioner, who serves ex officio, but with the same powers, rights, duties, and privileges as all other members.

The Board is authorized to levy an assessment on all milk solids, milk fats, or fluid milk components sold. The assessment is paid by each dairy producer that sells milk solids, milk fats, or fluid milk components to dairy cooperative associations, processors, or distributors.

Collected assessments are used to develop and implement advertising, promotional, or educational programs for the promotion of milk and other dairy products, thereby increasing consumption. Advertising, promotional, and educational programs developed by the Board do not reference any private brand or trade name used by any processor of milk or dairy products.

Board Members

Susan "Susie" Sharkey

Donnie Fisher

Matt Travis

Harvey Burford

Robert Sharkey, Jr

Jerry L. Simpson

Kenneth Ray Gill

Mack Brown

Mike Strain
DVM Ex-Officio Member, Dept. of Ag & Forestry Commissioner